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Of the sounds from within: RAFAEL PELISSARI - The official website about this nomad gipsy artist (aka Pelissa Lunatico) is currently under construction.

In this url will be exposed his music, poetry, painting and the sounds of the universe, all combined thru this vibratory color sound experience.

|Pelissa Lunático & The Cosmik Sloppy Jam @|

The website will be available soon, check again in a couple of more days.

Meanwhile, check Rafael's latest entry on the blog:

May, 2014.
Tour over Europe

Dear friends,

As the clouds were moving far away east this last afternoon, transporting the same vivid blue sky of today, to a tomorrow's brand new life, I came to realize the way it's always been.
And as I stayed up thru the whole night that I had ahead of me, now it has been. I've seen before my eyes days became nights and nights became days, the moving skies, knowing for sure that seasons will change, and, the fact that today isn't just the day after yesterday, but a brand new day, the rays of a brand new life.
Filled and complete with this feeling of transitority and aware of the magnitude of the Cosmos, I waive to each and every form of violence and the permanency on now.
Yet, I see what it has been and what it is, thus, I will no longer waste my presence here on this planet with meaningless things.
Nevertheless of what tomorrow will bring me, I have learned with waves hitting the rocks on the shore, as much as the simplicity of the rain dropping on my shoulders or a sunset, a child's smile or a dog's companionship, it's pointless sailing against the wind, when the wind itself can be a tool, can be a partner.
The first thing to do is stop to pretend, to intend, and live the life that comes from the inside out, and when we learn how to think differently on the same issues we have always had, then we face a new solution to whatever issue life presents us; it is never too late, it is never too far.
It's as clear as the day, and in fact it is day.
In broad daylight, the effort to be free is the only thing that should be permanent.

Rafael Pelissari

Rafael Pelissari @ the Van Huppell's Kunstenfestival Des Arts