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Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Rafael Pelissari (aka Pelissa) from an early age has always shown interest in various types of art, especially painting and music. Began to play the guitar by ear and self-taught has learned different styles of music ranging from Bossa Nova and Samba, through Blues, Rock 'n' Roll and Jazz, Reggae and the Caribbean rhythms, Indian music, among many other styles. Since the first time he played the guitar, he wasn't able to have a single thought where music wasn't present, had faced the inevitable fact that this was his place.

Action playin '

An adherent of the concept derived from the visual arts, the "action painting", Rafael has always been a supporter of improvisation and creative freedom, of the "momentum", of the music made, felt, improvised and executed at-the-time.

Open minded facing arts, Rafael is considered an apprentice devotee chasing knowledge, constantly seeking new music, sounds, movements and thoughts. As a huge fan of Indian classical music, searches through the tuned silence (the concept of khali), the state of "samadhi", the mentalization of colours, specific vibrations and combined with classical guitar techniques to create harmonies, melodies, soundscapes and the coloring of the whole existing and resonant space of the Cosmos - the Eufonia.

By mixing different musical styles and his Gypsy ancestral roots, has developed his own style over the years. The feature of his music is a reflection of different approaches. A fusion of classical music elements, Latin music, Brazilian musical rhythms, gypsy roots, introspective elements of music therapy, the colors of Indian classical music and the universal ethereal music to beyond the transcendental improvisation - a variety of elements, harmony and unique melody.

Jam based style of playing

Rafael's music reflects his constant search within transcendentalism and music therapy. The improvisation, or the jam based style of playing, is as outstanding as remarkable in his music, coupled with the experimentalism and combined with the gypsy guitar techniques.

Maintains, as himself likes to clarify, "an artistically humble outlook towards art and music." The sitarist, clarinetist, violinist, painter, poet, philosopher, likes the mixture of elements, the musical universalism in order to achieve transcendental melodies, almost sublime sounds, or as he learned with the Indian classical music, the "Raga" - as himself defines: "the coloring of the artistic expression of the notes carved in your soul as you chant your instrument."

An avowed bohemian.

"I am an avowed bohemian". - Rafael Pelissari

The nomad and bohemian artist Rafael Pelissari plays what he feels, with all the emotion, passion and freedom without losing the mystical/spiritual way, a true 'soul player'.

"It's not about what they say it should be, it's about what it is;
It's not about what is supposed to be felt, it's about feeling;
It's not about being the best, it's about being;
It's not about losing yourself, it's about finding yourself;
It's not about the musician, it's about the music.
True harmony."- Rafael Pelissari

"When it comes to music, freedom is breathtaking; in life, jammin' is the only way out.
The rest is absolute nothingness."

Rafael Pelissari


Journal, blog and stuff

Jan, 2018.
La Dulce Caña

Dear friends,

After years playing with different dance companies, developing my own style inserted on the vast gypsy music, including the different 'palos', or styles of flamenco, I came to realise that there are many lovers of this deep, melodical and rich culture.
For all lovers of the gypsy music, specially the flamenco gypsy guitar, I'm sharing with you this 'falseta por bulerías' from flamenco jam sessions originated during rehearsals among different 'flamenco patios'.
This piece is called 'la dulce caña' and I hope you enjoy it.

Best regards,
Rafael Pelissari

Rafael Pelissari - 'La Dulce Caña'


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Dear friends, I'm extremely joyful and proud to share with you all this review about my music "Yagé" that was published on the Musiek Mag...


Escalas Lunáticas ►

Dear friends, I'm extremely joyful and proud to share with you all this video from the instrumental project I'm developing with electric guitar...


Falseta Impetuosa ►

Falseta Impetuosa - Aos bons ventos que a trazem de volta. Dias de chuva, Dias de trovão, Improviso em meu violão esta falseta cigana...


"I don't know the formula of music
Or even life's recipe,
I'll keep moving and playing like this -

Rafael Pelissari


Rafael Pelissari @ Eudaimonia Studios

Rafael Pelissari 'La Bodega'

Rafa @ the Van Huppell's Kunstenfestival Des Arts

Rafa & Friends

Pelissa jamming

Artistic photo with the sitar

Rafa with his brother Felipe (dated)

Rafael Pelissari

'The Bohemian' part I

'How's Sugar Free' (2003)

'The Bohemian' part II

Rafael Pelissari (2016)

Promo Photo by Je Regnard

Rafael Pelissari in Amsterdam

"There's no how to play without love.
Today I can't feel love, or hate,
Even passion, anything.
The result of it is a deafening silence."

Rafael Pelissari


Rafael Pelissari - 'Escalas Lunáticas'

Rafael Pelissari @ the Van Huppell's Kunstenfestival Des Arts

Rafael Pelissari - Bantu

Rafael Pelissari @ the Van Huppell's Kunstenfestival Des Arts teaser

Falseta Impetuosa - Aos bons ventos que a trazem de volta

Soundscaping em Fevereiro de 2014.

Rafael Pelissari - Ode À la bohÈme

Rafael Pelissari - Variations on Sonata no. 14, Op. 27 no. 2, 1st movement (L. van Beethoven) - Sitar & Gipsy Guitar

Rafael Pelissari - Fragmentos

Rafael Pelissari jamming with the birds (Étude des variations sur la sonate n. 14 - L. van Beethoven)

Pelissa LunÁtico & The Cosmik Sloppy Jam - Introspection (Upliftune)

Pelissa improv session: Jam 'daquele abraÇo'

Rafael Pelissari playing a little fragment of 'Bantu'

Rafael Pelissari - Colonel Heiken Bottle's Orchestra

Rafael Pelissari - Variations on Sonata no. 14, Op. 27 no. 2, 1st movement (L. van Beethoven) - Sitar & Gipsy Guitar

Rafael Pelissari on musical improvisation

Other Media

Rafael Pelissari - Eurides

Rafael Pelissari - Flyin' Back Home


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